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French photographer and filmmaker based in Vancouver, BC Canada.

I work for Paper Crane Creative - Commercial Photography & Filmmaking.

My subjects of choice are nature and landscape, capturing the unique scenery of the Pacific Northwest Coast.



My name is Robin Ferand, I’m a French photographer & filmmaker. Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Following a family passion for photography, I started tagging along with my dad and brother during their photo walks. My very first photographs were taken with my phone until I got a DSLR. What started as a weekend hobby quickly became an obsession. Taking as many photos as I could. But I was not much interested with taking pictures of friends but more about landscapes and the nature surrounding me. Nonetheless I would often go shooting with friends who were interested in photography.  I spent a lot of times in the French Alps and in the South of France which offered me great subjects to photographs. At this day, I still cannot choose between the white tips of the mountains and the blue azure of the sea. 

In 2014, I moved to Thunder Bay in Northern Ontario to study filmmaking at the Confederation College. Working as a filmmaker student, I discovered a new passion for making documentaries with photo and video. Even though Northern Ontario has beautiful landscapes, once I graduated, I decided to move to Vancouver in the fall of 2016.  

I am currently working for Paper Crane Creative. We are a team of creatives with over 10 years of experience. We provide commercial filmmaking and photography.

I, however, did not lose my interest in nature and wildlife photography, spending all my free time  on improving my personal work by capturing the beauty of the Northwest Pacific Coast. 

Thank you for reading!

Photo by  @kev.brenguier7


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