I had to bring the cat to the vet on the north shores. Once there, Instead of going back and forth, I decided to wait and to go walking in Deep Cove. I went there many times but I always enjoy it.  

However, when Spring is here, Deep Cove gets really busy during the weekend, especially on Sundays. After waiting 20 min for a parking spot, I decided to take the trail to Quarry Rock. Again, very busy. Columns of people going up and down the trail.  

Once reached the viewpoint (beautiful by the way), but it was quite crowed. I kept going up towards the electric poles. It was quieter there and perfect for a quick break before heading back to Deep Cove. 

Back to the village, I headed up to the main pier. In the bay, there was a magnificent ship, that looked like a Ketch. The tide was low so I tried to get as close as possible. The light changed dramatically that day which made it a bit difficult to get the wanted result with film.

Also shot with my iPhone X and the Moment Lenses. Later in post-production, I used the Mastin Labs presets to match my film rolls and iPhone shots.

5th story - Deep Cove Cover.jpg
5th story - Grid 1.jpg
5th story - Grid 2.jpg
5th story - Grid 3a.jpg
5th story - Grid 4.jpg
5th story - Grid 5.jpg


Places visited:

  • Quarry Rock viewpoint through Baden Powell Trail

  • Deep Cove Marina

Cameras & Film used:

  • Nikon F3T

  • Fuji Pro 400H pushed +1

  • Kodak Portra 400 pushed +1

  • iPhone X with Wide Lens by Moment

  • Edited with Mastin Labs Presets for Lightroom

5th story - Grid 6.jpg