Lighthouse Park is probably my favourite park on the North Shores. I believe that is the only park on the whale-watching trail in Vancouver area. All the others are in Washington States, Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast.  I have seen many harbour porpoises and seals but haven’t had the chance to see killer whales and bigger whales there. Yet…? 

So after that strong snowfall from the previous day, I thought it would be nice to show the family Lighthouse Park under the snow! 

While driving at night during the winter season, you may have seen paths of light on the North Shore’s mountains. These are the night slopes on Cypress, Grouse and Seymour. After a full day at work, you can head to the mountains and ski all evening (until 10pm most of the time).

I have skied at night few times back in France but I was quite young. So after lunch we headed to Cypress Mountain for an afternoon/evening ski. It was pretty busy when we got there. If my father and brother brought their gears, I had to rent some and that also took a bit of time. Unfortunately for us, the main ride (Lion Express) that brings you to the main peak was closed. Which means 40% of the domain was closed. The overall slopes are easygoing which make it is a good family skiing place.  

However, around 6-7pm the place got quieter, the sun disappears and the temperature dropped . That’s when the fun part started for us. We tried to take some photos at night time. I had to boost the iso between 6400 and 12000 which on the 5D Mark III started bringing some ugly noise but with PRIME Denoise from DxO Optics and a black and white processing, it became useable ( for souvenirs and social, not sure I would print it too large…) 

4th story - Skiing Whister Cover.jpg
4th story - Grid 1.jpg
4th story - Grid 2.jpg
4th story - Grid 3.jpg
4th story - Grid 4.jpg
4th story - Grid 5.jpg
4th story - Grid 6.jpg
4th story - Grid 7.jpg
4th story - Grid 8.jpg
4th story - Grid 9.jpg
4th story - grid 10.jpg
4th story - Grid 11.jpg
4th story - Grid 12.jpg
4th story - Grid 13.jpg
4th story - Grid 14.jpg
4th story - Grid 15.jpg
4th story - Grid 16.jpg
4th story - grid 17.jpg
4th story - Grid 18.jpg
4th story - Grid 19.jpg


Place visited:

  • Lighthouse Park

  • WhyteCliff Park

  • Horseshoe Bay

  • Cypress Mountain Resort

  • Cypress Lookout

Great thing about Cypress Resort if you wish to ski at night time, it’s opened until 10pm! If afternoons can get pretty busy, it starts getting really slow around 8pm. After that you pretty much have the slopes for yourself! (Grouse Mountain. and Seymour are also opens at night but not too sure about the hours).