We got snow that morning, so I thought I would be nice to hike somewhere in Cypress Mountain. I decided to try the Baden-Powell trail from Horseshoe Bay and follow it to reach Black Mountain. However, I started quite a bit late and I stalled on the first part, taking pictures and walking around Whyte Lake. The sun was already setting behind the trees. That’s was my clue to turn around.

The second day we drove back to the Baden-Powell trail. The hike looked very promising so we thought we would start earlier to try to get to Black Mountain in the Cypress Mountain Ski area. And we didn’t finish it, as we started … too late, once again! We could have reached the top but the night would have been on us. For a while I thought of doing it, getting up there for the sunset and then go to the Cypress Resort. From there, maybe grabbing a cab or a bus and get the car later on. However, the small parking of the Baden-Powell trail above Horseshoe Bay doesn’t allow overnight parking and I did not feel like being towed…

I never visited Horseshoe Bay before and since I was in the area with time on my hand, I finally stopped there and walked around. The night was so clear, blue hour was about to end and the stars were slowly coming out. It was pretty quiet that night. I had to switch to the Sigma Art 24mm at f/1.4, 1/15s and iso 6400 to get the next shots which, later on, front of the computer was quite happy about. Of course the iso was a bit pushed on the 5D Mark III but It got pretty well denoised with DxO Optics. 

I became quite fond of Horseshoe Bay (Went back maybe 5 times over the month). That night, I ended with a small break at the Starbucks. One thing I do love about the Starbucks located on the North Shores; most of them are displaying old photographs of North Vancouver which show how much it changed. 

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  • Baden Powell trail

  • Sea to Sky Highway

  • Horseshoe Bay Village

The trail to Black Mountain is around 14km mostly through the woods with some steep climbs. The trail is, however, very well marked. Perfect for a day hike.

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