As soon as I heard a storm was coming, I knew I had to photograph it but most of it, be outside for it. They forecasted rain and honestly, after the driest summer, I was ready to welcome rain!

I headed to Lighthouse Park and at the entrance of the park, a ranger was stopping every car to tell them of the extreme caution about wildlife and no smoking or fire within the park. Make total sense but good to know that it is under supervision.

Now, I’ve been to Lighthouse Park many times, It is one of our favourite places on the North Shores. This time it was different, everything was grey. Leaves and branches covered with dust. Few meters down the main trail, a whole new scenery, Fall. Yellow leaves everywhere. It looked like mid-October.

When I reached Jack Pine Point, I sat there for a while watching the storm moving from Vancouver Island towards Metrotown. Ships and planes were heading back to port. I stayed onto the cliff until the blue hours arrived. The rain did not hit West Vancouver that evening but it sure did once I reached Metrotown!

13th issue - Early Fall Lighthouse Park.jpg