1st Issue - BC Highway 99 North

 Could not do much exploration in January so I decided to book a night in Lillooet Town, and hike in Joffre Lakes Provincial Park. Situated 2 hours northeast of Whistler, it is one of the most famous parks out there and I was a bit anxious while reading Joffre is always full with very limited parking… We left early morning on Friday from Vancouver and drove straight to Joffre. By the past, we went few times to Whistler but never really explored further. If I find the Sea to Sky Highway beautiful, the drive from Pemberton to Joffre is even better, it is just gorgeous! The BC 99 North follows one of the Fraser River arms which feeds Duffey Lake and Lillooet Lake. We arrived around 11am to Joffre Park. Only three cars were there. From what I heard, it is pretty uncommon to find that parking empty! 

When I booked the room in Lillooet, I got the surprise of; room with a view. We could not see much of it as we arrived at night but the next morning, we discovered the mountains all around us. Difficult to provide a room without a view! There was this lovely place for breakfast but it was closed and as we didn’t feel like having A&W breakfast we thought we would catch a brunch once we reach Pemberton. We left Lillooet in the morning and drove back to Whistler, taking our time to stop along the highway. This road can be tricky to drive depending of the weather conditions but it is beautiful and reminded me of the legendary Icefields Parkway in Alberta.

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BC Highway 99 North | FEBRUARY 2018

Places visited:

  • Joffre Lakes Provincial Park

  • Lillooet Town

  • Duffey Lake Provincial Park

  • Pemberton

  • Nairn Falls

  • Whistler

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